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03 juil 2016
  • - Add an option to give the missing DF to enemies (Converter)
  • - The number of Galaxies and Systems is correctly counted for deuterium consumption

  • [Retro] - The CR did not send when you opened a CR before sending them.
30 june 2016
  • Fix to be able to send Spy with OGame v6.2.0
25 june 2016
  • Add Space Docks

  • Send Space Docks
22 june 2016
  • Accounts with more than 100% indestructible points are not displayed anymore

  • Bugfix for constructing defenses on Empire view
  • [Retro] Link to send prob/SC do not disturb SpeedSim anymore
  • [Retro] Alliance module activated (need to visit alliance page)
19 juin 2016
  • Adding the Top Indestructible Point on TopMiner
  • Fix the production problem appeared last sunday
  • Fix the problem with deleting Expeditions
  • Do not use the speed filter when an univers are selected on TopMiner
  • The "Planets' details" page has to be removed because imitating Commander feature. (See on Origin ...)

  • Suggest you to install TopRaider Retro on Retro uni you if you want to install
  • [Retro] Fix langages (fr/en/de)
11 june 2016
  • Adaptation to SpeedSim's update
28 avril 2016
  • Use the new deuterium production formula
  • Bugfix for the universes choice on the TOP pages
  • Select a Spy Report to delete it don't open it anymore
28 mars 2016
  • Adapt too TamperMonkey v4.0
24 fev 2016
  • Groundwork for universe merge
22 fev 2016
  • Taking account of all the building in construction / destruction for projects
  • Configurable conversion rate for projects
16 fev 2016
  • Adding a Hall Of Fame highscore
  • Adding a statistic page of your Hall Of Fames
  • Auto-field your technologies on TrashSim Simulator
11 fev 2016
  • Adding buttons to save/load a project
  • Adding missing ressources for your project
  • Adding thousand separator on spy report and project page
  • New logos by -BeRt-

  • The "Send all" button works for received spy on Espionnage tab
  • Bugfix for fleet sending
  • Conflit with RaidsTable script fixed
07 fev 2016
  • Better saving methode with Chrome
  • Bugfix for construction on empty planet on Empire view
01 fev 2016
    Several changes on Project page :
  • Adding Reseach and Fleet
  • Calcul of ressources stored in buildings and research which are develloping
  • Possibility to add ressources available on your Empire
  • Officier's auto selection

  • Planet name and coordinate updates if it changes ingame

  • Send buildings and research which are develloping
  • Send empire total points
  • send Officiers
  • Bugfix : Donuts systems are taken into account for inactive CR coordinates selection
  • Bugfix for sending fleet and defense which are building
  • Bugfix for sending temperatures with Empire view
27 jan 2016
  • Adding the "Projects" page costs and realisation times for all your projects for your OGame account
23 jan 2016
  • TopMiner can be updated with the Empire vue
  • Send planet sizes
  • Bugfix for defense/fleet with more than 10M units
  • Bugfix for some other script interaction

  • Adding Planet temperature and fields on TopMiner's Empire vue
21 jan 2016
  • Adding the investment's detail page
19 jan 2016
  • Defense and Fleet can be sent to TopMiner on the Empire View
  • Better gestion of errors due to other scripts/addons

  • Adding Fleet and Defense Records (participation desactivated by default)
  • Adding Defense highscrores (participation desactivated by default)
17 jan 2016
  • Adding Building, Research and Moons' records on TopMiner
15 jan 2016
  • Bugfix for espionnage level with Technocrat
14 jan 2016
  • Possibility to send buildings and research to TopMiner (While going though building and research pages with the TopMiner options activated)

  • TopMiner Open :
  • Highscrore of production
  • Buildings records
  • Charts of the production versus time
  • An overview of your building and research
22 dec 2015
  • Possibility to send Spy Reports on the site (Click on )
  • Possibility to send received spy on the site (Click on )

  • spy.topraider.eu open:
  • Display the spy report sent
  • Sort the spy report sent
  • Share your spy reports with your alliance
  • Statistics on received spy by coordinate or player
  • An option for phpbb forum added on the CR converter
14 dec 2015
  • CSS improvement

  • Fix SpeedSim loots with honourable and Bandit players
  • Fix the flight time on speedSim with speed Universes
13 dec 2015
  • CSS improvement
  • Possibility to use a dark theme (look top-right)
  • Adding the Simulator TrashSim
  • Adding the average profit on last profits details
  • Optimisation of the simulator
11 dec 2015
  • Improve performances
04 dec 2015
  • Improve performances

  • Bugfix for the count of CR sent
  • Fix the problem entailed by raidsTable script on expeditions
29 nov 2015
  • Global expedition statistics can be reset

  • Adding the number of CR/expe sent
  • Adding the profit sent
  • Display the errors at the top of the page
  • Bugfix for sending Missile reports to the convertor with the v6.0.12
26 nov 2015
  • Statistics by Galaxy are now by start coordinates

  • Improve performances, may reduce website latency
24 nov 2015
  • Adding a page for expedition statistics
  • Delay/Advance can be detected : see here
  • Adding a link to the Origin board
16 nov 2015
  • Fix for IPM on CR convertor and sharing profit's table
  • SpeedSim have correct DF pourcentage when >30%
  • SpeedSim take care about the defense in DF for uni with that

  • Some fixes for expeditions
  • Bugfix to send IPM to the convertor
  • Fix conflict with other scripts
14 nov 2015
  • Adding the Expeditions

  • Sending expeditions
  • Adding a button to send spy reports to the combat simulator
  • Adding colors on SpeedSim
  • Adding the Flee ratio on SpeedSim
9 nov 2015
  • You can add IMP/RIP lost on the CR converter
  • Adding a bbcode option for FMS forum
  • Adding the moon chance
  • Adding a message when the defender get a moon
  • Technologies and alliances are removed from the final result
  • You can put different color on skin for positive or négative (losses) numbers
  • You can put CR as favorites. Then they won't be deleted after a week
  • Adding a new page gathering your favorites CR
  • Adding messages to explain some functionnalities

  • Ability to select IPM reports to send them to the converter
  • Partial bugfix for the "No API key found"
5 nov 2015
  • Adding a sharing calculator for ACS in the CR convertor
  • Losses during looting attack count in global profits
  • Adding a spy report convertor
3 nov 2015
  • You can display your whole alliance on week/month/year 's TOP
  • Adding medium profits on statistic page
  • Adding a sort by medium profits on statistic and alliance pages
  • Adding a sort by coordinate on statistic and profits pages
  • Metal/cristal/deut won are replaced by profits in métal/cristal/deut on statistic and alliance pages
  • Convertor : You can hide technologies and the impact time
  • Convertor : Adding a GO option, to display all coordinate and impact time for loots and harvest reports
  • Polish Language Added
30 oct 2015
  • Rebuild the pages of week/month/year ranking : No more lags to display it
  • Ranking by Month and year will be update each day. Week ranking is still updated each hour
  • Converter : A reconstruction of 30% is applied on defender's profits
  • Bugfix to switch universes on records page
27 oct 2015
  • Simulator OSimulate adapted for the V6 added
  • Spanish Language Added
  • Bugfix for the community YU-BA
  • Convertor : You can use the skins for light backgrounds
  • Convertor : You can choose the BBcode code to center
23 oct 2015
  • Adding a page to send an Espi report to SpeedSim from its API key (Tools v6 / SpeedSim)
  • Croatian Language Added

  • It's now possible to send the looting CR and the harvest report with the main CR on the convertor..
    To do that, click on the API button of each looting CR and harvest report before sending the main CR to the convertor
22 oct 2015
  • Croatian Language Added
21 oct 2015
  • Turkish Language Added

  • Bugfix for expedition CRs
  • If not email/password are saved, it's asked when you open a detailed CR
18 oct 2015
  • Italian Language Added
  • German Language completed

  • Bugfix to avoid a script's crash with some random CRs
16 oct 2015
  • Add a link to convert CRs from the CRs list
  • Bugfix for editing the consumption of some CRs
  • Portugaise Langage Added

  • IPM are sent again with the V6
  • CR are also sent when you open a CR
  • Shared CR are not sent anymore
  • Bugfix in espi section
08 sept 2015
  • Adding a button to send all CR in one click :
  • The distinctions between active and inactive targets is not made when using this button
    And as the information about active/inactive is not display on the V6's CR, this distinctions may completely disappeared later
19 August 2015
  • Adding a BBcode export for the TopRaider highscores to quickly export them to forum
  • New select-box on TopRaider highscore pages and records pages
  • Displaying profits in metal/crystal/deut in the met/cry/deut columns on TopRaider highscore pages (Instead of the sum of looted and harvested ressources)

  • The CR from expeditions are not send anymore
10 August 2015
  • IPM reports are sent to the website when you open it (They are not impact on the TOP-Raiders and records pages. But they are counted everywhere else)
    (ONLY for ogame.en/.de/.fr)

  • Adding the IMP and ABM in statistics by ships/defenses destroyed
08 August 2015
  • Adding a records page for destroyed ships
  • Records can be updated only once a day
  • Adding an Alliance check with the OGame API before displaying the Alliance page. (If you are new in the alliance, you may have to wait for the API update each Tuesday)
  • Players in "private mode" will appear on the Alliance page
06 August 2015
  • Adding a link to the mmo-stat profile of the player on the Top Raiders

  • Display if a CR is sent or already saved
  • Display errors when a CR cannot be send (Wrong password / invalid Email)
  • Adding a real option page in the left menu
  • Adding an option to deactivate the script on wanted universes
03 August 2015
  • Adding an option to not count too little DF (See on account page)
  • Adding an option to add a jetlag for the site (if the site have different hour from the CR you send)
  • Adding a button to delete the selected CR (they won't be deleted only by clicking on the

  • Script bugfix for the option to display TopRaider link on CR on Firefox
01 August 2015
  • New menu
  • Top Raiders of the month added
  • Top Raiders of the year
  • News page added
  • New home page
  • Signature page added
28 july 2015
  • "Lost password" added
25 july 2015
  • The damages/losses/profits will be share depending the proportion of the global fleet belong to you when you ASC.

  • Defences count for 30%
  • Count and display losses for each ressources
  • Count and display profits for each ressources
23 july 2015
  • Ships/defenses destroyed page added
14 july 2015
  • New charts, more detailed
08 july 2015
  • "My Account" page added
16 june 2015
  • Alliance page added
  • The script works with OGame v6
25 may 2015
  • Statistics by coordinate added
16 may 2015
  • Records page added
13 may 2015
  • Creation of topraider.eu
  • TopRaider is open !
18 april 2015
  • Starting test on Wasat.fr and Vega.fr
29 march 2015
  • Start of the TopRaider project

Contact : vulca.topraider@gmail.com

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